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Innovation: Content to help make sense of big ideas related to the future of beauty.
How to Leverage Web3 to Supercharge Your Brand Community
In this talk, Daniel will take us on a fascinating journey to leverage learning from crypto and web3 to build lasting, authentic, value-creating communities for our brands. He'll introduce us to the world of blockchain and help us separate the signal from the noise: what's hype and what's real opportunity. Then he'll walk with us on a journey through our own community challenges; he'll help us imagine into a strategy for our communities to be so invested in our brands... that they become the ambassadors, builders, superusers, and influencers our brands need today.
Pushing The Limits: Creating The Future Of Brick + Mortar Retail
Brick and mortar has emerged from the flames of pandemic-induced shutdowns with renewed vigor. Physical retailers fighting to pry away consumers from the convenience of 1-click mobile shopping have come in with some heavy artillery: experience-heavy pop-ups, AI and VR tools, and complimentary in-store services. Even so, novelty and gadgets can only take one so far. The true innovators are now redefining retail on their own terms, tapping into the physical format's hidden superpower: human connection, driven by technology. Beyond the anthropoid reciprocity, we look into channel agnosticism as the new means for industry growth, and the key to being everything, everywhere, all at once.
Clean 2.0: Open For Discussion + Debate
The clean beauty revolution of the last decade was grounded in good intentions and a crusade against chemicals. A war waged on certain ingredients has created a list of banned ingredients growing by the day. But how can something be called ‘good’ or ‘bad’ without the context? Sweeping generalizations, fearmongering, and finger-pointing in brand marketing have created consumer confusion and they've begun questioning "clean" claims. While the concept of clean has become table stakes with the category estimated to reach $22 billion by 2024, the term still lacks a unified definition remaining open to interpretation and debate. We'll dive into the future of clean beauty with three industry veterans with shared intentions but differing opinions.
Beauty at the Speed of AI
AI has moved from elusive concept to essential tool in brand marketing, inventory management, supply chain tracking, and product development. Machine learning is woven throughout our platform algorithms, creating fragrances from scratch, giving personal beauty recommendations to consumers, and revolutionizing the custom product sector. However, what differentiates a futuristic gimmick from successful implementation? We'll discuss the vast application potential of AI, pain points, future implications for the industry at-large, and why we’ve only touched the tip of the technological iceberg.
Making Sense Of Beauty's Place In The Metaverse
Metawhat? Love them or hate them, virtual worlds are here to stay. The Metaverse has become ground zero for all that is immersive, engaged, and virtual, with brands across the industry experimenting in the digital frontier. The potential for new revenue streams and ways to engage consumers appear infinite. However, Metaverse development is still nascent, making the ability to create real value in a virtual world up for debate. Do you jump into the rapidly developing space for fear of being left behind, or do you watch actively from the sidelines? Hear firsthand from future looking tech experts and brands that are navigating these new spaces.
Darren Adams, Managing Director, Unilever, The Foundry

Margarita Arriagada, Founder and CEO, Valdé Beauty

Dean DeBiase, Executive Chairman, Revieve

Moj Mahdara, Co-Founder, Managing Partner of Kinship Ventures and Co-Founder, BeautyUnited
Building A Relentlessly Relevant Brand
With daily launches, call out culture, and a constantly evolving marketplace, launching a new beauty brand that’s in it for the long-haul is more challenging than ever. In an industry of overabundance, how can one create something truly innovative and unique that resonates with consumers on a deeper level, in an era where the concept of brand loyalty is becoming increasingly thin? We speak to three founders who have built challenger brands that break cultural taboos and define white space with clearly defined and powerful reasons for being outside the social media echo chamber.
The Origin Of Beauty Does Matter: The Future Of Self Care
While we are looking at ourselves in a mirror, we see the "Beauty", which is the surface result of our way of living. The way we feel is our "Wellness", which is also the result of our way of living our lives. Ideally these two self-monitoring aspects of our being frame a balanced sense of ourselves. But in our complicated modern world this often does not happen, and this is why self-care is becoming such a prominent focus for most people. Csaba will discuss how Self-care connects beauty and wellness.
Rethinking Beauty Supply Chains For An Uncertain World
Just as the supply chain snarls created by the pandemic began to unwind a container ship stuck inside the Suez Canal, economic turmoil, the war in Ukraine, and climate-related events reinforced the fragility of current globalized supply chains optimized for low cost. Disruption today moves at breakneck speed, driving businesses to rethink and rebuild supply chains to reduce risk exposure as the world becomes more interconnected and turbulent. We will dig into the current state of the beauty supply chain and discuss how brands had begun to shift focus from optimizing “just in time” delivery to preparing for “just in case” eventualities by building solutions for resiliency.
Financial Markets: Growth, Inflation + Adapting To Unpredictable Times
The state of the economy, inflation, rising input costs, interest rates, and consumer sentiment are all top of mind for executives in beauty. Historically the beauty sector has been resilient, with some going as far as calling it recession-proof. Thus far, beauty has fared well, but will it continue? How will it impact growth and demand? How will the state of the capital markets impact fundraising, M&A and access to capital? How must brands adapt to thrive in such unpredictable times?
Transparency Gets Transparent
Consumers demand it, and brands promise it. Call it scrutiny or common sense, but consumers are checking under the hood, questioning claims, and requiring substantiation. While the clean beauty movement has been the driver of transparency, the industry has been historically secretive, especially regarding the supply chain. There is little regulation when it comes to most of these claims, but we've entered a new era of radical transparency, making transparency very transparent. Technology has raised the bar, and businesses that meet the challenge will earn consumer trust and a competitive edge.
Evolution of Biotech for Beauty Innovation
Collective consumption is outpacing what can reasonably be extracted from nature. Thanks to the power of biology, we can not only create a non-extractive future for ingredients, but also access previously unimaginable product potential.
Trends + Commercialization of Sustainable Materials
Cultural norms are being deconstructed, leading to individuals perpetually redefining themselves and their environmental changes, carving out unique spaces for creative identity and individuality. Join Material ConneXion, a leader in the material innovation space, for a thought-provoking presentation as they explore the macro trend of Creative Self-Exploration tied to cutting-edge materials to inspire the ever-changing beauty industry. This will be an interactive workshop with material demonstrations, so come prepared with your curiosity.
Dr. Gayatri Keskar, VP of Research Material ConneXion
Jennifer Karuletwa, VP of Business Development Material ConneXion
The preliminary list of topics we’ll tackle are:
Track Topics
  • The premiumization of mass
  • How to balance taking a stand and cultural activism with commerce
  • Understanding the state of the beauty supply chain
  • The differing views on the clean beauty movement
  • The big opportunity of e-commerce marketplaces
  • Fundraising in the context of current market conditions and adapting to unpredictable times
  • The evolving role of DTC
Track Topics
  • Future strategies for brick + mortar retail
  • Making sense of the metaverse for beauty
  • The evolution of biotech for beauty
  • Trends and the commercialization of new materials for sustainability
  • Transparency gets transparent
  • Selfcare + wellness immersion experience for leaders
  • Web 3.0
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